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We help you dominate Google locally or nationally, so you can beat your competition and win more customers.

Position number #1 in Google typically gets 32.5% of all the traffic. Number #2 gets 17.65% and by the time you get to number #10 you are at 2.4% of traffic!

Getting to the top of the pile is all about search engine optimisation.

Our Prices

We keep our prices low and you always get the ‘A’ team working on your business. A typical engagement takes four months and you will see significant improvement within that time. Small and medium size businesses are our bread and butter. The cost of our service will not cause any sleepless nights.


“We have enjoyed the top position in Google for many years now”

David Stringer

Owner, Leeds Sports Physiotherapy

“Brilliant to work with, a real asset to anyone’s business”

Bev Myers

ADM Systems

“When you’ve found the best, forget the rest”

Chrissie Lightfoot

Entrepreneur Lawyer

“The depth of skill and knowledge was unbelievable”

Victoria Pritchard

Red Voice , Entrepreneur Lawyer

The Power of Local SEO


Hey, we get it. You’re in business to do business. More work equals more money, but you probably don’t have the time to go out there and win it. So, wouldn’t it be great if your customers found you instead?

That’s the power of local SEO.

What local SEO does is it puts your business right in front of your customers when they search for a local service. In other words, you solve their problem, by showing up in Google for the very thing they are looking for!

How we help you

We’ll help you dominate Google in your local area so you can get your business in front of your customers. The way we do this is white hat and Google-friendly. In fact, everything we do follows Google’s very own best practices.

We’ve seen first-hand how a dud local SEO strategy can be transformed into a winning one by getting the basics and nuances right. We’ve also witnessed massive revenue spikes for our customers as a result of good SEO strategy.

If you want your business to be found when a customer searches for a related service in your area, we’ll make it happen. It’s what we do.

Transformative Local SEO

When it comes to ranking websites, we are second to none. Fifteen years of hands-on experience is dedicated to making your business successfully online.


What’s Our Secret?

There is no secret. Search Engine Optimisation is not a dark art. It’s a matter of understanding what Google & Bing want and applying it to your business website. Their ranking algorithms have over 300 different elements. We have devised a methodology based on these that works, time and again.


How does SEO work?

A local SEO strategy can be split into six steps:


This involves keyword and competitor research to anticipate how people search for your services and how to beat your competition.

On Page

This involves optimising your website to make it relevant for specific keywords. It may also include speeding up your site and making it mobile-friendly.


To make your website even more relevant to search engines, new content may need to be added to your website.


This involves building high-quality links to your website, building directory listings, and building citations that mention your business.


These should be requested from real customers. Google Reviews is directly linked to Google My Business, so we recommend reviews here. 

Google My Business

Your Google listing may need to be created or improved to impress both Google and potential searchers for your products and services

Is it all worth it?

Local SEO will win you more business than it costs to set up and manage — but only if the setup and management is done properly.

The way we see it, SEO is an investment. If we create a local SEO strategy for you, and it wins business and continues to do so long after we set it up, it’s going to pay for itself many times over.

Nowhere else will you find a marketing channel that offers automated and highly relevant leads and enquiries. And once you’re up there sitting proud at the top of Google, your phone will be ringing off the hook.

But what if you’re interested in local SEO because your competitors are there? Well, if they’re there and you’re not, then you’re losing customers. The simple truth is you have to be in it to win it, or so the saying goes.

What you can expect

As you’ve probably cottoned onto by now, we don’t do jargon. We like to keep things simple because everything’s easier that way.

Which is to say, you can expect honest and frank service from us. We don’t wrap anything up in cotton wool, nor do we hide behind a ticketing system. We like to talk on the phone and we’re also happy to meet up.

Getting local SEO right is the difference between no results and massive ROI. If you want to work with a team who’ll put your business and results first, we’re all ears.

Pick up the phone and give us a call on 07946 497493

We’re experts in our field


Meet our directors, Terry and Lyndon. Having worked together for over 20 years, they’re the perfect team to help your business grow

Lyndon Ogden

I am a full-time Search Engine Optimiser & Digital Marketer with over 18 years’ experience. Since 2002, I have delivered over two hundred successful campaigns to clients. I also walk the talk and have profitable business websites of my own. 
Previously, I was a successful marketer within the corporate and SME markets. My golden rule is to treat a client business as my own and make a success of it. If you want me to advise on how you can improve traffic and sales, then please get in touch.

What my clients say about me:



“Great person to work with. Our online presence and the opportunities derived from it are much stronger. Lyndon has real-world experience of how to grow a business online and offline. He is definitely a doer as well as a strategist.”
Mark Rhodes – Dehum

Terry Horne

I started Avalon Media Services in 2000 to provide the best media products, including direct mail, brochure design, exhibition support and radio/tv advertising. Among the hundreds of clients, I have supported are the Royal Armouries, Excercise4less and Jacuzzi International. 

Over the past ten years, we have been moving over to Digital Marketing platforms, developing websites that work for clients. Over this time, we have had a great deal of success, providing new and existing clients with our bespoke websites and SEO packages that work for them. 

What my clients say about me:


 “Spending time and money with little knowledge of Google has been a frustration for many years within our business. Finding an SEO company that provides good results is virtually impossible. They produced immediate results for our business, from cost savings to increased traffic, ultimately generating revenue we were missing out on. Highly recommended” Rhys Hoddinott – Leka Systems

 Rhys Hoddinott – Leka Systems 

Call us on 07946 497493 for a consultation

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